Artisan Baking Resources roots were established in teaching others how to produce high quality artisan bread. Equipment was a natural progression for our company because to make great bread and pastry a baker needs great, reliable equipment. Just like any craftsman in any profession a baker needs the right tool for the task at hand, whether that task is to bake 100 baguettes or 5,000 baguettes or to divide, mix, shape, package any type of artisan bakery product.

In today's equipment market there are many manufacturers and even more sales people. It's difficult for the baker, who spends many hours baking, to find the right purveyor and then decide on what's best for their personal needs. To compound the problem even further is every manufacturer will tell you their equipment is the best. How can this be? The simple answer is that their equipment is best for some of the bakers but not all of them.

So this is where ABR comes in. We have relationships with many manufacturers and we have familiarized ourselves with their equipment by actually baking with it! We attend most of the bakery shows worldwide and see firsthand what is available. We also visit numerous bakeries each year and see what is actually happening once a piece of equipment is installed. We have knowledge of the type and whereabouts of each factories service and support. And finally we know the costs associated with purchasing and owning the piece of equipment.

By contacting ABR you automatically have connections with the most popular bakery equipment companies in North America. We don't start by showing you the new and improved designs, we start by asking you about your bakery and what your needs are. We will do a product study and talk to you about your budget. Then we will make proposals based on your needs. Once a piece of equipment is identified then we will work with the manufacturers to get good pricing and help monitor the shipping and commissioning of the new piece. In most cases we will be on site during commissioning to offer assistance.
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